N.J.S.A 17:48E-8. Vacancy procedure

17:48E-8. Vacancy procedure

Within 10 days after a vacancy in the board of directors of a health service corporation has occurred, the corporation shall notify the commissioner in writing that a vacancy existS.If the vacancy is in one of the positions on the board which has been appointed by the Governor, the commissioner shall so notify the Governor, who shall appoint a candidate to serve for the remaining term. If the vacancy occurs in a position which is elected by the board, the vacancy shall be filled in accordance with the bylawS.Not more than 10 days after the selection of a person by the board to fill the vacancy, the corporation shall furnish, in writing, the following information to the commissioner: the name and address of the person so elected; whether the person is representative of the participating providers of health care services of the corporation, and is qualified to serve under the provisions of this act. If the commissioner finds, after a hearing, that the composition of the board of directors of the health service corporation, with respect to the members elected by the board, is not in compliance with the provisions of this act, he may direct that the board be reconstituted in accordance with his findingS.

L. 1985, C. 236, S.8, eff. July 15, 1985.


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