N.J.S.A 17B:17-3. Life insurance defined

17B:17-3. Life insurance defined

Life insurance is a policy or contract whereby an insurer is obligated to pay or allow a benefit of pecuniary value with respect to the cessation of human life. Life insurance includes also the granting of endowment benefits and optional modes of settlement of proceeds of life insurance as well as provisions for a. additional benefits in event of death by accident or accidental means or in event of dismemberment or loss of sight, or b. safeguarding such insurance against lapse or giving a special surrender value or special benefit or an annuity in the event that the insured shall become totally and permanently disabled, whether such provisions are incorporated in a policy or contract of life insurance or in a policy or contract supplemental thereto. Life insurance does not include workmen’s compensation coverageS.

L.1971, C. 144, S.17B:17-3.


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