N.J.S.A 17B:18-64. Prerequisites to reinsurance

17B:18-64. Prerequisites to reinsurance

a. No domestic insurer may become a ceding insurer with respect to all or any substantial part of its outstanding insurance risks or become an assuming insurer with respect to all or any substantial part of the outstanding insurance risks of another insurer until the contract of reinsurance between the ceding insurer and the assuming insurer shall have been submitted to the commissioner together with satisfactory evidence that the interests of the policyholders of each of such insurers which is authorized to do an insurance business in this State are fully protected and until such contract of reinsurance shall have been approved by him; provided however, that this section shall not be applicable to contracts of reinsurance heretofore or hereafter entered into providing for the reinsuring of single risks or policies, in whole or in part, or risks covered by any group policy or contract, in whole or in part.

b. If a domestic mutual insurer cedes all or any substantial part of its insurance risks to a stock insurer, the agreement must be approved by the commissioner. The commissioner shall not approve any such agreement unless:

(1) It is equitable to the insurer’s policyholders;

(2) It is subject to approval by vote of not less than 2/3 of the insurer’s current policyholders who are qualified voters and who vote thereon in person, by proxy, or by mail at a meeting of policyholders called for the purpose pursuant to such reasonable notice and procedure as may be approved by the commissioner;

(3) The equity of each policyholder in the insurer is determinable under a fair formula approved by the commissioner, which such equity shall be based upon not less than the insurer’s entire surplus (after deducting contributed or borrowed surplus funds) plus a reasonable present equity in its reserves and in all nonadmitted assets;

(4) In all cases involving the ceding of all the risks of a domestic mutual insurer to a stock insurer, there shall be a proviso in such agreement that upon the consummation of such transactions, said domestic insurer shall then be automatically dissolved.

L.1971, C. 144, S.17B:18-64.


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