N.J.S.A 2A:42-118 Contents of complaint.

2A:42-118 Contents of complaint.

5. A complaint submitted to the court shall include a statement of the grounds for relief and:

a. Documentation of the conditions that form the basis for the complaint;

b. Evidence that the owner received notice of the conditions that form the basis for the complaint, and failed to take adequate and timely action to remedy those conditions; and

C. With respect to any building that contains non-residential facilities, including but not limited to commercial or office floor space, the complaint shall provide explicit justification for the inclusion of the non-residential facilities in the scope of the receivership order; in the absence of such justification, the court shall exclude such facilities from the scope of the receiver’s duties and powerS.

The complaint may include a recommendation of the receiver to be appointed.

L.2003,C. 295,S.5.


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