N.J.S.A 2A:42-74. Legislative findings

2A:42-74. Legislative findings

The Legislature finds:

(a) Many citizens of the State of New Jersey are required to reside in multiple dwelling units which fail to meet minimum standards of safety and sanitation and are compelled to pay rents disproportionate to the value of the facilities and services received;

(b) It is essential to the health, safety and general welfare of the people of the State that owners of substandard multiple dwelling units be encouraged to provide safe and sanitary housing accommodations for the public to whom such accommodations are offered;

(c) It is necessary, in order to insure the improvement of substandard multiple dwelling units, to authorize the governing bodies of municipalities to enact and impose rent controls on substandard multiple dwelling units until such dwelling units satisfy minimum standards of safety and sanitation.

L.1966, C. 168, S.1, eff. June 18, 1966.


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