N.J.S.A 44:10-10. Findings, declarations

44:10-10. Findings, declarations

The Legislature finds and declares: that providing the means and opportunity for recipients of public assistance to enter the economic mainstream and to realize economic achievement is both a morally right and economically sound investment in the future of our economy, our labor force and our children; that our current welfare system does not do enough to help its recipients become economically self-sufficient even though most people who receive public assistance would rather work or prepare for work than remain indefinitely trapped in the oppressive cycle of welfare dependency; that in this time of increasing international economic competition, the productivity of every worker and potential worker is an important concern for all Americans; that our citizenry has always placed great value on work and self-reliance; and that this State should provide the relevant education, training, employment and supportive services necessary to enable public assistance recipients to realize economic achievement and thereby become self-sufficient.

L. 1987, C. 282, S.2; per S.11 as amended by S.15 of 1991, C. 523, expired July 1, 1995.


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