N.J.S.A 44:10-106 Report to Governor, Legislature.

44:10-106 Report to Governor, Legislature.

2. a. The Commissioner of Human Services shall issue a report annually over the next three years, with the first report being issued no later than one month following the effective date of this act, to the Governor and, pursuant to section 2 of P.L.1991, C. 164 (52:14-19.1 Submission of reports to the Legislature.), to the Legislature on:

(1) the number of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program participants in each county who are subject to the benefit time limit for able bodied adults without dependents; and

(2) the number of participants whose benefits were terminated in the past year as a result of the benefit time limit.

b. The report shall also describe the review of labor and employment data conducted pursuant to section 1 of this act and any actions taken by the commissioner related to requesting a waiver of the time limit.

L.2016, C. 11, S.2.


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