N.J.S.A 44:10-12. REACH program

44:10-12. REACH program

The Commissioner of Human Services, in consultation with the Commissioners of Labor, Education, Community Affairs, and Commerce and Economic Development, and the Chancellor of Higher Education, shall establish the “Program for Realizing Economic Achievement,” hereinafter referred to as the REACH program, in the Division of Public Welfare in the Department of Human Services for the purpose of enabling recipients of aid to families with dependent children to realize economic achievement through a range of education, training, employment and supportive services, while also focusing on the prevention of long-term dependency for young mothers who are recipients of aid to families with dependent children.

L. 1987, C.282, s.4; per s.11 as amended by s.15 of 1991, c.523, expired July 1, 1995.


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