N.J.S.A 44:10-15. Individualized service plans

44:10-15. Individualized service plans

a. Each participant in the REACH program shall receive educational, training or employment services and supportive services according to an individualized service plan which includes a written contract. The individualized service plan for each participant in the REACH program shall be designed by a designated representative of the commissioner after interviewing the participant and shall be based upon an evaluation of the participant’s employment skills and potential, educational background, job experience and interests, and need for supportive serviceS.The contract shall be signed by the participant and the designated representative who shall act as a case manager for the participant, and shall set forth the specific mutual obligations of the participant and the State in the REACH program.

The service plan and contract shall be reviewed by both the participant and the designated representative at least every six months and may be revised from time to time according to the needs of both the participant and the State.

b. The designated representative acting as a case manager for the participant shall arrange for necessary education or training services, in addition to necessary supportive services, and shall monitor the participant’s progress after placement in a job and be available to the participant, as needed.

C. The commissioner shall be responsible for providing, at a minimum, the following education, training and employment services under the REACH program: counseling and vocational assessment; intensive remedial education, including instruction in English as a second language; job search assistance; employment skills training focused on a specific job; on-the-job training in an employment setting; and job development and placement.

d. A participant in the REACH program shall be trained and placed in a job and field of employment which offers reasonable opportunities for employment security and upward mobility.

e. The commissioner shall be responsible for ensuring the availability of, and for providing, the following supportive services under the REACH program for a program participant when no other appropriate source is available therefor and when these services are specified in the contract as necessary to enable the participant to receive program services pursuant to subsection C. of this section. The supportive services shall include, but not be limited to, one or more of the following:

(1) child care services for the participant’s child which may include care provided at a child care center licensed pursuant to P.L. 1983, C. 492 (C. 30:5B-1. Short title et seq.) or a school age child care program, or at a family day care home approved by the Department of Human Services pursuant to P.L. 1987, C. 27 (C. 30:5B-16. Short title et seq.) or through alternative arrangements which are developed by the designated representative and the REACH participant according to guidelines established by the commissioner;

(2) transportation services, to be provided directly by the REACH program or through an allowance or other means of subsidy by which the participant may purchase transportation, which services may be designed and implemented by the Commissioner of Human Services in consultation with the Commissioner of Transportation; and

(3) health care coverage through a continuation of Medicaid benefits pursuant to P.L. 1968, C. 413 (C. 30:4D-1. Short title et seq.) in accordance with the provisions of P.L. 1987, C. 283 (C. 30:4D-6 Basic medical care and serviceS.b et seq.).

Child care services and health care coverage shall be provided to the participant for one year after the commencement of employment by the participant, as necessary. Transportation services may be provided to a participant after the commencement of employment for a limited period of time, but the amount of transportation services assistance shall be reduced, over time, according to a schedule adopted pursuant to regulation which is based on the length of time a participant is employed.

L. 1987, C. 282, S.7; per S.11 as amended by S.15 of 1991, C. 523, expired July 1, 1995.


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