N.J.S.A 44:10-17. Reports

44:10-17. Reports

a. The commissioner shall submit to the Senate Revenue, Finance and Appropriations Committee and the General Assembly Appropriations Committee, or their successor committees, and the Governor, at the earliest possible date, a REACH program implementation report, including, but not limited to, the following information: a detailed schedule for the implementation of each phase of the REACH program and a description of the services to be provided in each phase, as well as a precise estimate of the number of program participants during each phase of the program and the costs of implementing each phase.

b. The commissioner shall provide to the Assembly Appropriations Committee and the Senate Revenue, Finance and Appropriations Committee, or their successor committees, on a quarterly basis a detailed report on the REACH program containing statistical and financial information. The report shall include, but not be limited to, the following information: the number of recipients of aid to families with dependent children who are participating in the program and the number who have been exempted from the program; the kinds of services being provided to program participants and the costs of those services; the number of designated representatives of the commissioner employed by the program and the costs associated with their employment; other administrative costs incurred by the program; the number of program participants who have obtained employment and the average hourly wage and benefits provided by their employers; and the average length of time that program participants remain employed. Each report shall be submitted no later than 60 days after the end of the quarter.

C. The Commissioner of Human Services, in consultation with the Commissioners of Labor, Education, Community Affairs, and Commerce and Economic Development, and the Chancellor of Higher Education, shall report to the Governor and the Legislature no later than two years after the effective date of this act, and annually thereafter, on the effectiveness of the REACH program in meeting its objectives, accompanying that report with any recommendations for changes in the law or regulations governing the REACH program that the commissioner deems necessary.

L. 1987, C. 282, S.9; per S.11 as amended by S.15 of 1991, C. 523, expired July 1, 1995.


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