N.J.S.A 44:7-13. Burial of old-age assistance recipient

44:7-13. Burial of old-age assistance recipient

If, on the death of a person receiving old-age assistance, it shall appear to the satisfaction of the county welfare agency after investigation that there are insufficient funds to pay his burial and funeral expenses, and that there are no relatives or other persons responsible to pay such expenses, or other persons willing to pay them, the county welfare agency may order the payment of such sum as may be necessary pursuant to P.L. 1985, C. 282 to such person as the county welfare agency may direct for the funeral expenses of the deceased aged needy person and an additional sum for the cost of a cemetery plot, the opening or closing of a grave, or other similar burial or interment expenses which sum shall be determined pursuant to P.L. 1985, C. 282, and shall be paid by the county welfare board directly to the cemetery expressly for such purposeS.The next of kin or other interested parties may incur additional expenses to be paid by them, but the total cost of such expenses shall be established by regulation of the Department of Human Services pursuant to the “Administrative Procedure Act,” P.L. 1968, C. 410 (C. 52:14B-1. Short title et seq.) and in accordance with P.L. 1985, C. 282.

Any sum so ordered to be paid for or on account of burial and funeral expenses shall be first paid, so far as possible, from any fund otherwise undistributed received by the county welfare agency from or for the account of the individual recipient, and may thereafter be paid, so far as necessary, from funds appropriated for old-age assistance paymentS.Any amounts so paid from funds appropriated for old-age assistance payments shall be deemed a part of the assistance granted to the individual recipient for the purpose of claims for reimbursement, and recovery under sections 44:7-14, 44:7-15. Certificate of amount of assistance; filing; effect; proceedings for collection and satisfaction; levy; disposition of proceeds; voluntary conveyance and 44:7-19. Assistance by relatives; enforcement , Revised Statutes, and shall be a proper charge for division of cost between the State and county as referred to in section 44:7-25. State’s share; additional payment of this Title.

Payment of burial and funeral expenses as provided above may be authorized with respect to any person who, while lawfully receiving old-age assistance is committed or admitted to any tax-supported institution other than a penal or correctional institution, and who dies while confined at such institution.

The county welfare agency shall not be liable to pay costs of burial and funeral expenses for a deceased recipient of old-age assistance incurred pursuant to a contract or contracts entered into without the knowledge and consent of the board, but may, at its discretion, pay such costs, or a portion thereof, within the limitations of this section.

Amended by L. 1938, C. 361, p. 908, S.9, eff. July 1, 1938; L. 1949, C. 247, p. 793, S.1; L. 1953, C. 213, p. 1616, S.4; L. 1959, C. 128, p. 567, S.1, eff. July 1, 1959; L. 1968, C. 212, S.1, eff. July 19, 1968; L. 1979, C. 324, S.1, eff. July 1, 1980; L. 1985, C. 282, S.2.


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