N.J.S.A 44:7-81. Duties of commissioner of institutions and agencies

44:7-81. Duties of commissioner of institutions and agencies

Under general policies established by the State Board of Control, the Commissioner of Institutions and Agencies is authorized, directed and empowered to issue, or to cause to be issued by the appropriate departmental officers or agencies, all necessary, rules and regulations and administrative orders, and to do or cause to be done all other acts and things necessary to accomplish the purposes of this act, including specifically the following:

(a) To assure that the program shall be in effect in all counties of the State and be mandatory upon them;

(b) To assure that all individuals wishing to make application for medical assistance for the aged shall have opportunity to do so, and that such assistance shall be furnished with reasonable promptness to or for all eligible individuals;

(c) To provide that, in determining need for medical assistance for the aged and the amount of such assistance to be granted, there shall be taken into consideration all other income and resources of the aged individual, making due allowance for a minimum standard of living compatible with decency and health; provided, however, that assistance for in-patient and out-patient hospital services, as made available by this act, shall be granted to persons eligible therefor notwithstanding appropriations to hospitals made by any county or municipality pursuant to chapter 5 of Title 44 of the Revised Statutes;

(d) To provide safeguards which restrict the use or disclosure of information concerning applicants and recipients to purposes directly connected with the administration of the program;

(e) To assure that no enrollment fee, premium, or similar charge is imposed as a condition of eligibility;

(f) To assure that all persons for whom medical assistance for the aged is being paid under the provisions of this act shall not receive, during or with respect to the same period, any other financial assistance from this State or any political subdivision thereof with respect to any maintenance requirements or other items for which allowance is made in the assistance grant paid pursuant to this act;

(g) To prescribe appropriate services which shall be made available for the purposes of effecting, so far as possible, cure and rehabilitation;

(h) To prescribe methods and procedures for repayment or recovery of assistance granted under this act; provided, however, that no lien may be imposed against the property of any individual prior to his death on account of assistance granted or to be granted under this act (except pursuant to the judgment of a court on account of assistance incorrectly paid on behalf of such individual), and that there shall be no adjustment or recovery (except, after the death of such individual and his surviving spouse, if any, from such individual’s estate) of any assistance correctly paid on behalf of such individual under this act;

(i) To provide for granting an opportunity for a fair hearing to any individual whose claim for medical assistance for the aged is denied or is not acted upon with reasonable promptnesS.

L.1962, C. 222, S.6. Amended by L.1969, C. 227 S.6.


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