N.J.S.A 45:1-24. Failure to pay penalties; enforcement

45:1-24. Failure to pay penalties; enforcement

11. Upon the failure of any person to comply within 10 days after service of any order of a board directing payment of penalties or restoration of moneys or property, the Attorney General or the secretary of such board may issue a certificate to the Clerk of the Superior Court that such person is indebted to the State for the payment of such penalty and the moneys or property ordered restored. A copy of such certificate shall be served upon the person against whom the order was entered. Thereupon the clerk shall immediately enter upon his record of docketed judgments the name of the person so indebted and of the State, a designation of the statute under which the penalty is imposed, the amount of the penalty imposed, and amount of moneys ordered restored, a listing of property ordered restored, and the date of the certification. Such entry shall have the same force and effect as the entry of a docketed judgment in the Superior Court, and the Attorney General shall have all rights and remedies of a judgment creditor in addition to exercising any other available remedieS.Such entry, however, shall be without prejudice to the right of appeal to the Appellate Division of the Superior Court from the board’s order.

An action to enforce the provisions of any order entered by a board or to collect any penalty levied thereby may be brought in any municipal court or the Superior Court in summary manner pursuant to “the penalty enforcement law” (N.J.S.2A:58-1 et seq.) and the rules of court governing the collection of civil penaltieS.Process in such action shall be by summons or warrant, and in the event that the defendant fails to answer such action, the court shall issue a warrant for the defendant’s arrest for the purpose of bringing such person before the court to satisfy any order entered.

L.1978,C. 73,S.11; amended 1991,C. 91,S.448.


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