N.J.S.A 45:1-47 Prescription monitoring program; provisions for expansion.

45:1-47 Prescription monitoring program; provisions for expansion.

27. Prescription Monitoring Program; provisions for expansion.

a. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 25 of Phamplet Law 2007, Chapter 244 (45:1-45 Prescription Monitoring Program; requirementS.) to the contrary, the director may adopt a regulation to expand the program to require pharmacies to include information about each prescription dispensed for a prescription drug that is not a controlled dangerous substance. In determining whether pharmacies should be required to submit to the program information about a prescription drug other than a controlled dangerous substance, the director shall consider: the actual or relative potential for abuse; scientific evidence of its pharmacological effect, if known; the state of current scientific knowledge regarding the drug; its history and current pattern of abuse, including its use to potentiate or enhance the effects of controlled dangerous substances that are subject to abuse; the scope, duration and significance of abuse; what, if any, risk to the public health; and its psychic or physiological dependence liability.

b. At the time the notice to expand the program pursuant to subsection a. is published in the New Jersey Register, the director shall provide a copy of the notice of proposed rule making to the chairpersons of the standing legislative reference committees on health of the Senate and General Assembly.

L.2007, C. 244, S.27; amended 2017, C. 341, S.5.


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