N.J.S.A 45:5-5.1 Educational requirements; internship.

45:5-5.1 Educational requirements; internship.

5. No person who shall have graduated after January 1, 1955, shall be admitted to examination for a license to practice podiatric medicine unless in addition to the requirements set forth in R.S.45:5-3 Applicants for examination; qualifications in general., he shall prove further to the said board (1) that prior to the receipt of a diploma conferring the degree of doctor of podiatric medicine, he had completed a satisfactory course of one full school year in a legally incorporated and recognized college or university, approved by the Commissioner of Education of this State; (2) that he had then studied podiatric medicine for not less than 4 full school years, including the satisfactory completion of 4 courses of at least 8 months each, in 4 different calendar years in a legally incorporated American school or college of podiatric medicine, requiring personal attendance, in good standing in the opinion of said board, wherein the curriculum of study included instructions as provided in R.S.45:5-3 Applicants for examination; qualifications in general.; and that (3) after the receipt of such diploma, as aforesaid, he had served a rotating internship in a duly licensed clinic, hospital or institution approved by the board, for one full year devoted to the practice of podiatric medicine in all its brancheS.

L.1954,C. 261,S.5; amended 1962, C. 187, S.1; 2005, C. 259, S.6.


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