N.J.S.A 45:5-7 Examinations; licensing; license; definitions; display of license.

45:5-7 Examinations; licensing; license; definitions; display of license.

45:5-7. All examinations shall be written in the English language, but the board, in its discretion, may use supplementary oral or practical examinations, either of the whole class or of individualS.The examinations shall be in all subjects taught and practiced in the legally incorporated schools or colleges of podiatric medicine, in good standing in the opinion of the board, which confer the degree of doctor of podiatric medicine or other doctorate degree in podiatric medicine. Said application and examination papers shall be deposited in the files of the said board for at least five years, and they shall be prima facie evidence of all matters therein contained. All licenses shall be signed by the president and secretary of the board and shall be attested by the seal thereof.

If the examination is satisfactory, the board shall issue a license entitling the applicant to practice podiatric medicine in this State.

“Podiatric medicine” or “practice of podiatric medicine” is defined to be the diagnosis or treatment of or the holding out of a right or ability to diagnose or treat any ailment of the human foot or ankle, including local manifestations of systemic diseases as they appear on the lower leg, foot or ankle but not treatment of systemic diseases of any other part of the body, or the holding out of a right or ability to treat the same by any one or more of the following means: local medical, mechanical, surgical, manipulative and physio-therapeutic, including the application of any of the aforementioned means to the lower leg and ankle for the treatment of a foot or ankle ailment. Such means shall not be construed to include the amputation of the leg or foot. The term “local medical” hereinbefore mentioned shall be construed to mean the prescription or use of a therapeutic agent or remedy where the action or reaction is intended for a localized area or part. A podiatrist is a physician within the scope of this chapter, and may be referred to as a podiatric physician.

Every person practicing podiatric medicine under this act shall at all times conspicuously display in his place of practice his license and yearly registration to practice. It shall be unlawful to practice podiatric medicine in this State without so displaying such license and registration. Any applicant for a license to practice podiatric medicine upon proving that he has been examined and licensed by the examining and licensing board of another state, territory of the United States, or the District of Columbia, may in the discretion of the board be granted a license to practice podiatric medicine without further examination upon payment to the board of a license fee of $100.00; provided, such applicant shall furnish proof that he can fulfill the requirements demanded in the other sections of this chapter relating to applicants for admission by examinations; provided further, that the laws of such state, territory or the District of Columbia accord equal reciprocal rights to a licensed podiatrist of this State, who desires to practice his profession in such state, territory or the District of Columbia; provided further, that said applicant has been in lawful and ethical practice of podiatric medicine in the state, territory or District of Columbia from which he applies for five full consecutive years next prior to filing his application; and provided, further, that said applicant shall, within six months after the issuance of his license hereunder, remove to this State, establish his permanent and only legal residence and cease to operate his practice in the state from which he applies and not use such license for part-time practice in this State. An affidavit setting forth his intention to comply with the requirements of this proviso must be filed with the application for license. In any such application for a license without examination, all reciprocal questions of academic requirements of other states, territories or the District of Columbia shall be determined by the board. The board shall consider each application for such license on its individual merits and may, in its discretion and without establishing a precedent, waive the requirements for residency in lieu of 10 or more years of active and continuous ethical practice outside of this State.

The board may issue to any licensed podiatrist of this State, known to it to be of good moral character and who has conducted an ethical practice in this State, and who desires to remove his residence and practice to another state, a certificate or certification authenticated with its seal, which shall attest such information as may be necessary for competent boards of other states to determine reciprocity qualifications, upon payment of a fee of $10.00.

The board may, in its discretion, accept in lieu of its own examination, either in whole or in part, the certificate of the National Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners; and provided further, that the applicant satisfies in all other respects the requirements for licensure by examination. Such application to the board shall be accompanied by an application fee of $100.00 plus $10.00 for verification. In the event an oral or practical examination or both is given under this provision, an additional fee of $25.00 may be required for examiner compensation.

The board, in its discretion, may grant a license without further examination to any person whose previous license has been revoked under R.S.45:5-8 and upon payment to the board of a license fee of $100.00.

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