N.J.S.A 45:5-9 Biennial certificate of registration for licensed podiatrist; reinstatement procedure.

45:5-9 Biennial certificate of registration for licensed podiatrist; reinstatement procedure.

45:5-9. a. Every licensed podiatrist shall procure every two years from the executive director of the board, on or before November 1, a biennial certificate of registration, which shall be issued by the executive director upon payment of a fee to be determined by the board. The executive director shall mail to each licensed podiatrist on or before October 1 every two years a printed blank form to be properly filled in and returned to the executive director by such licensed person on or before the succeeding November 1, together with such fee. Upon the receipt of said form properly filled in, and such fee, the biennial certificate of registration shall be issued and transmitted. Every licensed podiatrist who continues the practice of podiatric medicine after having failed to secure a biennial certificate of registration at the time and in the manner required by this section shall be subject to a penalty of $25.00 for each failure. Immediately after November 1, the executive director shall send by registered mail to every podiatrist who has failed to obtain a biennial registration certificate for the ensuing two-year period a notice that their license will be automatically suspended within 30 days unless the penalty and registration fee is paid immediately. Upon failure to register after such notice, the license of such person shall be automatically suspended and shall not be reinstated except upon full payment of penalty and registration fee. However, such suspension shall not apply to anyone who has ceased to practice in this State. Any person whose license shall have been automatically suspended under this section shall during such period of suspension be regarded as an unlicensed person, and if he continues to engage in the practice of podiatric medicine during such period, he shall be liable to the penalties prescribed by R.S.45:5-11 Unlawful acts; penalty; display of name; recovery of penaltieS..

b. If an applicant for reinstatement of licensure has not engaged in practice in any jurisdiction for a period of more than five years, or the board’s review of the reinstatement application establishes a basis for concluding that there may be clinical deficiencies in need of remediation, before reinstatement the board may require the applicant to submit to, and successfully pass, an examination or an assessment of skillS.If that examination or assessment identifies clinical deficiencies or educational needs, the board may require the licensee, as a condition of reinstatement of licensure, to take and successfully complete any educational training, or to submit to any supervision, monitoring or limitations, as the board determines are necessary to assure that the licensee practices with reasonable skill and safety.

Amended 1954, C. 261, S.2; 1965, C. 141, S.5; 1971, C. 236, S.2; 2001, C. 307, S.4; 2005, C. 259, S.9.


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