N.J.S.A 45:6-10.2 Standards for continuing education.

45:6-10.2 Standards for continuing education.

2. a. The board shall:

(1) Establish standards for continuing dental education, including the subject matter and content of courses of study, and may establish any core continuing dental educational requirements pursuant to subsection C. of this section that all licensees shall complete as a condition of biennial licensure;

(2) Accredit educational and other programs offering credit towards the continuing dental education requirements; and

(3) Accredit other equivalent educational programs, including, but not limited to, meetings of constituents and components of dental professional associations recognized by the board, examinations, papers, publications, scientific presentations, teaching and research appointments, table clinics and scientific exhibits, and shall establish procedures for the issuance of credit upon satisfactory proof of the completion of these programS.

b. In the case of education courses or programs, each hour of instruction shall be equivalent to one credit.

C. The board may, in its discretion, delineate specific topics of dental education for any biennial renewal period or periods as core continuing dental education requirements that the board deems necessary to address developments in science or technology or particular issues or problemS.The board shall provide notification of the specific topics and the registration periods to which those requirements apply by direct communication to licensees or through electronic media.

L.1991, C. 490, S.2; amended 2009, C. 221, S.3.


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