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Is OneWest Bank foreclosing on your Reverse mortgage in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey?

You along with many other people are in the same position according to

OneWest Bank, the mortgage servicer previously owned by present day Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, somehow escaped the copious amounts of lawsuits and settlements that troubled other banks following the 2010 foreclosure crisis, a Bloomberg BNA analysis showed.

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This is hardly the first time OneWest Bank has been accused of impropriety. See this example of OneWest when they were reported of shutting out Non-White borrowers by the La Times.

People are out creating videos about OneWest because this problem is not one of a kind.

If you have a OneWest reverse mortgage in Woodcliff Lake, NJ, you should contact with a NJ Foreclosure Attorney to go over the issues that you face.

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