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Probate Litigation

When a family member passes away with or without a Will, their surviving heirs may have disagreements. Sometimes these disagreements need to be resolved in front of a Judge. This requires litigation that can include motion practice, discovery and trial. We can help you win.

Trust, Estates & Probate Administration

Trust, Estates & Probate Administration

Whether you need help setting up a trust, being named the executor of an estate, or help in administering the the estate, we have you covered.

Foreclosure Defense

We help people save their homes from foreclosure. Whether it is a mortgage foreclosure or tax lien foreclosure we can help keep your home. We can discuss all of your options to save your home.



PSCB Law has a designated litigation department, charged with prosecuting and defending claims for clients in the States of New Jersey and New York. Our representation spans throughout the initiation of a lawsuit by the filing of a summons and complaint, through pre-trial discovery, trial, and finally through the collection of judgment awards. Litigation is a vast area of law, and our firm represents clients with CEPA, LAD, CFA, Probate, Foreclosure, Partition Actions and more.

Interpleader Actions

Interpleader Actions

When two or more parties are in dispute over an asset held by a third party, that third party can move to deposit the asset with the court and have the court determine who should have the property, thereby removing the third party from the action. Our firm can assist you with interpleader actions.

Partition (Splitting/Selling of Real Estate from Uncooperative Co-Owners)

Partition (Splitting/Selling of Real Estate from Uncooperative Co-Owners)

Owners of property or a business can pursue a “Partition Action” to force a sale or buy out. When owners no longer wish to keep the property, but their co-owners do not wish to sell or may have passed away, or are refusing to cooperate in the repair, maintenance, and upkeep. If you wish to sell but are locked in with uncooperative co-owners, you require a Partition Action. Talk to an Attorney about your options.

Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA)

Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA)

The Conscientious Employee Protection Act was enacted by the New Jersey State Legislature to put protections in place for employees who have been discharged, suspended, demoted, or received adverse employment action from their employer for specific workplace activities. These activities revolve around the employee disclosing, threatening to disclose what they believe to be unlawful activity. In addition there are certain requirements placed on the employee to receive protection, such as making an objection to the activity in question. These actions permit attorneys fees

NJ Law Against Discrimination

NJ Law Against Discrimination

The New Jersey Law Against discrimination gives protection to individuals facing discrimination and ensuring their civil rights. If you face one of the following, you may have a claim under LAD: Hostile Work Environment Discrimination for Pregnancy Discrimination because of Age Discrimination for less than Equal Pay Discrimination for your Marital Status Discrimination to provide you with reasonable accommodation Discrimination because of your disability Discrimination because of your Race Discrimination because of your Gender Discrimination because of your Associations Sexual Harassment.

Copyright / Trademark / Intellectual Property

Our experienced intellectual property team will work with you to define and develop your brand, and protect your literary works, musical creations, audio/visual creations. Trademarks and copyrights. Speak with an attorney today to explore options to protect and maximize earnings on your IP.

Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, and Sex-based Discrimination

Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, and Sex-based Discrimination

In the post-#MeToo era, victims of sex-based incidents are being encouraged to come forward and share their stories' more than ever before. If you are a victim of sexual assault, harassment, or discrimination our experienced legal team will assist in making your voice heard. Regardless of where you have experienced a sex-based incident, there is an avenue to pursue claims against your abuser. This may include filing an action for civil assault, if you were abused by a private individual, an action under Title IX and the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, if you were abused at or in relation to a school, an action under Title VII and the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, if you were abused at or in relation to the workplace.



Whether you are personally experiencing issues, or your business we can walk you through all of your options related to bankruptcy. If you are facing losing your home, or being harassed by creditors, know all of your options before making a decision because you deserve to know what you can do.

Real Estate Transactions (Commercial & Residential)

Real Estate Transactions (Commercial & Residential)

Real Estate transactions typically begin when you engage a realtor to help you list your property for sale, or help you purchase one. In the event that you don’t engage a realtor, it is advise you engage an attorney to draft the contract of sale/purchase. From start to finish, our firm will walk you through the closing process, from attorney review, through inspection, all the way to the closing table.



Assisting creatives with securing opportunities and protecting their intellectual property rights in music, film, television, and emerging creative marketplaces. Providing legal representation and consultation for record labels, production companies, singers, song writers, MCs (rappers), music producers, screenplay writers, book authors, music publishers, and other creatives across the entertainment industry.

Family Law

Family Law

Divorce, child support, and child custody matters require an experienced and empathetic team to help navigate the emotional and legal challenges associated with the family court system. Our family law team is experienced with: Uncontested divorce Contested divorce Child support Child custody Child visitation Alimony (maintenance)

Cannabis Law

Assisting clients with the business side of cannabis law, our cannabis law team focuses on protecting intellectual property, preparation for legal licensing requirements, preparing license applications, business plan development, and general legal counseling for cannabis businesses.

New Jersey Practice Areas

Foreclosure Litigation

In New York and New Jersey, our clients can expect the best of foreclosure litigation representation in and out of court. The first step in representing you in foreclosure is to file an answer with the appropriate court and seek loss mitigation facilitation through foreclosure settlement conferences or mediation. Allow us to help you find the best avenue to save your home.

New Jersey Bankruptcy Chapter 7 or 13

Bankruptcy may or may not be what you need. Contact us to go over your individual situation to help determine if this is right for you.

You may be in a position that bankruptcy could help you, but there are occasions where you may be unable to afford bankruptcy.

Contact us to go over your options.

Real Estate

The most important thing you should be looking for when retaining a lawyer for your closing is someone who is attentive and gives your closing the attention it deserves. Our office has an excellent case management system that makes sure we won’t miss a thing when it comes to your closing. Whether it’s your home or investment property, have confidence in your next step.

Small Business Law

The services our business and corporate team offers is customized to the needs of the individual business, and range from transactional work to complex litigation matters. Our team takes a pragmatic approach to solving problems and helping our clients plan ahead. We are able to do so because of personal experience in dealing with small businesses and corporations.

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