chapter 20 bankruptcy lawyer


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Getting from filing to debt relief is almost instantaneous. The full chapter 7 bankruptcy process takes roughly 3 to 6 months. However, as soon as you file, you will stop defaults, garnishments, repossessions, and lawsuits that would hurt your credit. Some people worry bankruptcy will hurt their credit, however, it is possible to rebuild your credit in 1 to 2 years through a program like 7 steps to a 720 credit score. 

Some people think that they are too broke to file for bankruptcy. However, we offer payment plans so that you do not need to pay until after your bankruptcy has been filed. You could even put the court filing on a payment plan.

If you are facing foreclosure, a chapter 7 bankruptcy could help stop the sale of your home at auction and even set you up to eventually file a chapter 13 bankruptcy to arrange for repayments of your home. This is jokingly called a chapter 20 bankruptcy. 

This allows a debtor to discharge his or her unsecured debt through the chapter 7 before paying their secured debts in the chapter 13 bankruptcy.