Bankruptcy, including New Jersey bankruptcy and New York Bankruptcy, are federal court processes designed to help both consumers and businesses eliminate or repay their debts under the protection of bankruptcy court. The federal law in Title 11 of the United States Code governs New Jersey bankruptcy as well as all other bankruptcies.

We can help with personal or business bankruptcies. We can also explain how a personal Bankruptcy interacts with any business you own or are a part.

Bankruptcy Qualify
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Different amounts of debt are handled differently by Chapter 7, 11 or 13 bankruptcies.
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If you regularly send money to a family member or pay support for alimony or child support it may be easier for you to qualify for bankruptcy.
If you are married and your spouse lives with you, your spouses income is included in the bankruptcy to determine if you qualify for a chapter 7 or if you have to make a payment plan under a chapter 13 bankruptcy, however your spouse DOES NOT have to file with you.
Bankruptcy is not a one size fits all program and it takes more than an automated web page to give out legal advice.

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