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Veer P. Patel New York Lawyer

Veer P. Patel, Esq.

New Jersey - Managing Partner

Why I became a Foreclosure Defense Attorney focusing on Saving People’s Homes:

Since founding the law firm in Jersey City, I’ve been working as a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer helping families fix or alleviate their burdens in tight...

New Jersey Real Estate Lawyer

Lazaro Cardenas, Esq.

Real Estate Practice Manager

Why I became a Real Estate and Probate Attorney focusing on Protecting People’s Future Today:

Since founding the firm, I’ve had the pleasure of working with countless families. I take my job as a counselor very serious and take...

Brooklyn Attorney Family Law

Jason C. Bost, Esq. , MBA

New York - Managing Partner

Why I Enjoy being a Foreclosure Defense Attorney in New York

My strong belief in giving back, and assisting to those in need has kept me involved with community-based programs since starting my academic career 25 years ago. After a...

New Jersey Lawyer Mulla Simone

Law school was always in the cards for me, it was just a matter of when. I had every intention of going straight out of college, but decided I would get more from the education if I waited, matured, and attended at a time when I would really...

What makes a Good Attorney?

I believe that being a good attorney begins with being a good person. There is a certain bedside manner and good-hearted approach to people that truly forms the foundation of good representation. At PSCLaw, I...

Ansul Jatan Bhuta In India

Ansul Jatan Bhuta

Indian Advocate

The quote “I was born to be a Lawyer” can very well apply to me. Being an only son to a Lawyer and Architect, I was raised by professional parents. Most fortunately and gladly legal disputes were the only disputes I heard during my...

Avani Girish Bhanushali in Indian

Avani Girish Bhanushali

Indian Advocate

Being from a Business family, I always knew that an Advocate has a special place of importance in the Business Industry. In the initial years of college, while I was pursuing my Bachelor’s in Commerce Degree, I realized that Law is the backbone...

Advocate Asha Jatan Bhuta in Indian Office

Asha Jatan Bhuta

Indian Advocate

In today's complicated world every businessman and individual needs legal guidance and an Advocate who understands their plight. Someone who can guide them through the complicated maze of legal issues. Business Entities and individuals in today's...

Lola Oguagu esq New York City Attorney

Lola Ogbuagu, Esq.


Why I chose to study law?

I am honored to join the PSC Law firm. My journey has been a rewarding one and all the more special for me as an immigrant from Nigeria who came to America with little means and big dreams.

I was born into a...

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