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Ivorine Fung, MS.


As a US citizen, I migrated from Cameroon (Central Africa). I have been fortunate to travel and live in various parts of the world including Europe, Central, and North America and Africa, particularly Togo, where I attended for part of my elementary education.

Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, and Cameroon are where a number of my relatives live. Thus, I have witnessed first hand, the scourge of poverty; social, and criminal injustice; and faulty public policies which result in the unequal access to quality education, healthcare and residency. I am familiar with the challenges faced by disenfranchised peoples. These experiences expanded my compassion for all people and have inspired me throughout my studies and my professional career to be proactive and to constantly search for solutions that can improve the livelihood of people. This is why I was eager to join the PSC Law team –because I knew it’d be an opportunity to help uplift the lives of others.

Prior to PSC, I served as a title curative paralegal at a prominent foreclosure firm which represented some of the biggest mortgage lending banks in the nation. My primary responsibility was to eliminate defects from mortgage titles such as prior judgments, UCC liens, and prior mortgages in order to provide a clear and marketable title to their clients. To do so, I corresponded with various foreclosure law firms and mortgage lending banks. In this position, I became familiar with legal jargon, and learned the intricacies of legal processes including the drafting, reading and citing of legal documents. While I am very grateful for my time spent under their leadership, I knew I wanted to shift gears. Rather than representing large banks, I wanted to help individual people who may have found themselves in a tough spot.

I am a graduate of Rowan University, where I received both a bachelors and masters degrees. In particular, my graduate studies in history allowed me to examine the responsibility of law in the history of the United States and its evolution over time in correspondence to the general population’s needs. More specifically, I specialized in the history of disenfranchised groups across the world. In that, I assessed how the law can be an operative tool to overturn latent and blatant inequalities. Using a historiographical research approach, I compared the influence of law on individuals in practical and theoretical realms. My educational experience equipped me with research skills such as the ability to locate, analyze, synthesize and cite qualitative and quantitative data.

Ultimately, I am a hard working professional looking to make an intangible impact on the world. Outside of PSC law, I am a skilled painter and blogger. I enjoy the arts and am constantly looking for new forms of expression.

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