Robert Ranalli, Esq.


What makes a Good Attorney?

I believe that being a good attorney begins with being a good person. There is a certain bedside manner and good-hearted approach to people that truly forms the foundation of good representation. At PSCLaw, I hope to provide clients an experience altogether different than anything they would have otherwise experienced. I’m a Jersey City kid, through and through; but living in Texas provided me a difference perspective to the services industry. Growing up in such a fast-paced environment can engrain a certain attitude, but I believe that a commitment to people is about the right attitude.

As a real estate attorney, I seek to guide buyers and sellers through the process of purchasing or selling their home or business; landlords and tenants through negotiating the terms of their leases; and representing individuals filing lawsuits. Having represented people selling their properties out of Estates, individuals in bankruptcies and/or foreclosures, dual purchases-sales, and wholesalers, I have foundational experience in providing diligent and competent representation.

I graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology in 2014 with a Philosophy and History undergraduate degree, with honors, and a Master’s degree in Technology, Policy, and Ethics. Upon graduation, I moved to San Antonio, Texas and began law school at St. Mary’s University.

While at St. Mary’s, I interned with a solo practicing attorney and worked in the law library. The experiences as a legal intern helped prepare me for practice in more important ways than merely how to prepare and file legal instruments, as the attorney treated me as a friend, and acted as my mentor.

Core Practice Areas:

  • Residential Real Estate Sales/Purchases
  • Commercial Real Estate Sales/Purchases
  • Bulk Sales
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Landlord-Tenant
  • Real Estate
  • Probate

Free Consultations available for:

    • Criminal Defense


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