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Davis Themserither – Google Review

This review is for Derek Soltis – I am a property owner in NYC and had a foreclosure issue with one of my properties. Through a phone call, Mr. Soltis provided me with the guidance to resolve the issue on my own without hiring him as an attorney. The process was straightforward but was unknown to me. With Derek’s advice, I was able to address the issue. He took some time to briefly educate me on the “process” and got me pointed in the right direction. I respect that Mr. Soltis assisted me with guidance and did not ask for payment even though this was the first time I had spoken with him. This is the sign of a true professional. I would not hesitate to contact Derek Soltis in the future to represent me in legal matters. Google Review

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Marry Washington

This is the same as my other post. Patel Soltis and Cardenas worked with me for 2 years to get a loan modification. It was a roller coaster ride. I lost my job during the process, had to evict tenants, was facing a sheriff sale and had 3 previous failed loan mods. I almost had to file bankruptcy, but Mr. Cardenas worked on my behalf to keep me in my home. He walked me through all of my issues and even was able to tell me why my previous loan mods failed. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. They have multiple locations and I want everyone knows how they helped me. Google Review.

Nicholas Martineau – Google Review

Very professional, very honest. Extremely happy I met Derek from Patel and Solits. He says it how it is, makes it very easy.   Google Review

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Jessica Torrente – Google Review

I have nothing but great things to say about the Team at Patel and Soltis. Mr. Patel, Mr. Soltis and Mr. Cardenas are the dream team. They helped my husband and I buy our house (a difficult short sale) and were responsive and supportive through the entire process. Recommend without reservation. – Google Review

Nick T. – On Yelp

I am a procrastinator, to say the least. My home was going to sheriffs sale in one week and I still had no attorney after multiple failed modification packets. Every attorney I met told me my only option was filing for bankruptcy which I was hesitant to do. I came to Patel & Soltis and met with Veer and Lazaro who instantly put my mind at ease and told me not to file bankruptcy and that they were certain we would get the modification we wanted.

They went and fought for me and had the sheriff’s sale postponed multiple times and got me the modification and now my mortgage is lower than it was before the entire foreclosure process. If you are worried about losing your home which can be VERY scary, look no further, these are the guys who can help you!

I met with them June 30th to begin the process and today, 9 months later I signed the final modification documents. I could not have done this without their help! They provided me more than just legal work, they provided me peace of mind, a sense of security in being a homeowner, and comfort throughout the entire process! MANY THANKS to Lazaro Cardenas and Mr.Patel, they will never know what they have done for me!!u!

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