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Some people go their entire lives without ever intersecting with the legal system, but it is likely in today’s world that, at some point, you’ll find yourself needing to take legal action – either against someone who has wronged you, or in defense of someone accusing you of wrongdoing, or in order to achieve a certain goal. The vast majority of situations settled out of court. However, if a favorable agreement can’t be reached through negotiations or mediation or arbitration, then litigation may be necessary! 

Litigation is a way of resolving legal disputes in court via a formal trial process where the end result is in the hands of a jury or judge. If your case requires a trial, our Union City litigation attorneys can stand up for your rights and work for the best possible outcome! Call today to schedule a free consultation and learn more. 

What Types Of Cases Our Union City Litigation Attorneys Can Help Clients With 

At The Law Office of Patel & Cardenas, we aren’t afraid of complex cases that other law firms turn away. We don’t back down from a fight! Our extensive courtroom experience can give you an advantage. While we will need to meet with you to determine if we are able to take on your specific case, we frequently assist clients with the following disputes:

Probate – Probate is a New Jersey court process that distributes a deceased person’s assets to their beneficiaries. The process is complex and may result in family members fighting over the validity of the will, the amount given to heirs, or the actions of the estate executor (person in charge of overseeing probate). Creditors may also file lawsuits during this process. We can represent executors or heirs, and will protect your rights and ensure your loved one’s wishes are honored. 

Foreclosure – If you have been served with a letter in the mail threatening foreclosure, or with a formal foreclosure notice, you need a strong defense in order to save your home! There are many steps that lenders have to legally take before they can seize your home. We can stand up for you and explain what options you may have other than accepting defeat!

Partition Actions – If a property is owned jointly in New Jersey, and the co-owners can’t agree on what to do with the property, a partition action allows the property to be divided and sold with the proceeds equitably distributed to both parties. Partition actions are complex and don’t always favor both sides equally. Our Union City litigation attorneys can ensure that your interests and investment are secure!

Interpleader Actions – If two or three or more parties have a dispute over an asset that is held by a third party, the third party can file an interpleader action with the court to make them work it out themselves rather than having to be involved. For example, if a person dies and five surviving family members are all claiming that they should inherit the life insurance policy, the life insurance company – rather than dealing with all five claims – can file an interpleader action so they can be absolved of responsibility. We can explain if filing an interpleader action may benefit you, or what to do if you are responding to one! 

Consumer Fraud – If a seller of a product sold you something defective, or failed to warn you about proper use of a product, or sold you a product that led to your injury, we can use the Consumer Fraud Act (CFA) to hold them accountable and get the compensation you deserve. 

Discrimination, Whistleblowing, & Other Employment Related Claims – If you were discriminated against at work by an employer, or if you were fired because you objected to an unfair/illegal workplace practice, we will aggressively pursue justice on your behalf! 

Why Choose Us To Represent You?

At The Law Office of Patel & Cardenas, we have over 30 years of collective legal experience, including in litigation. To us, your legal battle is personal, and we will give it our full attention! We will take the time to listen to you, answer your questions, conduct the necessary research, gather supporting evidence and documentation, make sure you understand your options, and communicate with you every step of the way. We will represent you in the pre-trial discovery, deposition, trial phase, collection of reward or appeal, and more. We’ve served hundreds of clients with attention to detail and vigorous advocacy, and we will work to do the same for you! Call our Union City litigation attorneys now to book your free consult and discuss your next steps. 

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