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When you enter into a contractual relationship with another party, be it a marriage or a business partnership, and property is involved, you will need to decide how to handle the situation if the other party fails to fulfill their end of the agreement or what to do if the relationship ends. If you are in the process of ending your marriage or business partnership, you may be wondering how to go about dividing the real estate property that was acquired during the course of the relationship.

In situations where a prior arrangement was not established and a conflict emerges, it may become necessary for both parties to seek legal intervention in order to find an amicable resolution. One of those interventions may involve a partition action. To protect your interests and ensure that your rights are preserved, it is essential to consult with our skilled Union City partition action lawyers who are well-versed in New Jersey partition laws. Call today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your options!

Union City Partition Action Lawyers

How Does A Partition Action Work?

A partition action is a complaint that a co-owner of a real estate property files with the courts, asking them to divide up the property equitably. You can negotiate or go to mediation to come to an agreement outside of court, but most of the time, a partition action will need to go to court to be settled. This is due to the possibility of co-owners having different ideas about how to divide or sell the property, and the ability of the court to provide a neutral and just decision. Among other things, the court will look at the interests of each co-owner, the property’s value, and any agreements or contracts that are already in place. In the end, the court’s ruling will give all parties a legally enforceable conclusion.

When Should A Partition Action Be Considered?

There are several different situations that may arise where you may need to consider a partition action.

  1. Divorce – After a divorce, a partition action may be filed to determine the value of the property and whether it should be split between the spouses (partition in kind), sold with the proceeds split between the spouses (partition by sale), or bought out by one of the spouses.
  2. Probate – A partition action may be needed if multiple heirs of a deceased person cannot agree on how to divide their real estate. This type of partition action is often handled in conjunction with probate court and can also involve determining the validity of a will and distributing other assets.
  3. Business Split – Partition actions are used in business when partners are dissolving a partnership and one wants to move but the other wants to stay. These kinds of division actions frequently call for the assistance of an experienced attorney due to the complexity of the financial and legal issues surrounding the company and commercial property.

Partition actions are a vital legal tool for dividing property in various situations. Whatever your situation may be, our Union City partition action lawyers are here to help you through it to a fair and equitable resolution.

Reasons To Work With A Partition Attorney

When it comes to property disputes, there are a number of advantages to hiring a partition action attorney. An experienced partition action lawyer can offer invaluable counsel and direction at any point during the legal process because of their vast knowledge and experience with real estate law. They can help:

  • assess the case, gather evidence, and create a solid legal strategy.
  • avoid costly court battles by negotiating settlements or agreements.
  • to increase the likelihood of a favorable ruling in court with compelling evidence and legal arguments
  • limit the possibility of procedural errors that can endanger the case by making sure that all legal requirements and deadlines are fulfilled.
  • enhance the likelihood of a favorable result and support the defense of a person’s rights and interests in property disputes.
  • And more…

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If you are involved in a property dispute, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Patel and Cardenas want to see you succeed. We will explain your rights and options, and we will fight for them. We can offer you the informed and insightful legal counsel you need for any aspect of your case because of our substantial background representing clients in partition action matters. Reach out to our team today to learn more about how we can assist you. We provide a free consultation to go over your case and the legal options available to you. Contact us right away to set up your appointment.

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