US Immigration – Divorce and Green Card

Mar 30, 2020 | Immigration

US Immigration – Divorce and Green Card

This article will focus on divorce and conditional permanent residence. There is a lot that goes on in life and love and this often time creates uncertainties and insecurities where people are worried about their immigration status when life happens to them.

  1. What is a conditional green card?

What is often referred to as a conditional green card is a green card valid for 2 years. In order to remain a permanent resident, a conditional permanent resident must file a petition to remove the condition during the 90 days before the card expires. The conditional card cannot be renewed. The conditions must be removed, or you will lose your permanent resident status.


  1. Who is eligible for a conditional green card?

A conditional green card is actually a green card issued to a newly married spouse of a US citizen whose marriage is under 2 years at the time of filing the immigrant petition.


  1. Do I lose my status if I divorce my spouse while being a conditional permanent resident?

No. Your status is not automatically lost as a result of a divorce. There are situations that lie beyond our control and the USCIS recognizes this fact.

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