What happens after the Foreclosure case management conference in New Jersey?

Jul 31, 2018 | New Jersey Foreclosure Defense

What happens after a Foreclosure case management conference in NJ?

At this point in time, you know or your attorney should have already sent out what’s called discovery demands, interrogatories, and admissions. That is if your NJ Foreclosure Defense Attorney wants to see the original note. They can request to do that and then they can inspect the note.

But, at this point you know if you if you’re contesting the foreclosure on merits. And, you find something to contest on merits. There are certain motions that are in your disposal maybe a motion to dismiss or a motion for summary judgment.

Obviously, your attorney will review these items with you. Typically you find however if there are no meritorious defenses (Example Case) in many NJ Foreclosure Cases. If there aren’t any then you really have to figure out what the next steps are in this case.

Next Steps in a New Jersey Foreclosure Case

What I would recommend if you have at least some grounds to argue in your summary judgment motion. Is maybe get on with the bank on the phone and say, “Hey look you know we don’t want to contest any longer and we just want to settle.” Typically you can get anywhere from 60 to 120 days depending. On the difficulty of what’s in the actual motion itself. In the summary judgment motion and what your position may be so you know you get that time frame and then the bank will withhold I’m filing for final judgment for that time period
and in the meantime, your answer is struck.

Veer Patel, Esq. Foreclosure Defense attorney is a New Jersey & New York State Licensed attorney, focusing on Foreclosure Defense and Bankruptcy who has helped many people with defending foreclosure lawsuits in both New Jersey and New York.

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