What is really for sale at the Hudson County Sheriff Auction?

Jul 25, 2016 | New Jersey Foreclosure Defense

Last week I had someone ask what is for sale at the Hudson County Sheriff auction. They saw the list at the Hudson County Sheriff website, but could understand the breakdown of what was actually for sale. The data on the site did not appear to match the auction from July 21st, 2016. (See our previous post.)

There are currently over 700 properties listed for sale, but only 118 properties have a scheduled sales date. Only 45 properties are scheduled to be auctioned August 4th.  Most of the properties are listed as having the sales date adjourned. See the below data and map based on Hudson County Sheriff website. The accuracy is not guaranteed as properties are constantly being updated and the dates for adjournments change. Basically, you need to perform your own lien search, or hire an attorney – and do not rely solely on this data if you want to know what properties will be auctioned off and when

Link to data for August 4, 2016 Hudson County Sheriff Sales 

Download Excel file of data


Sorting the data on the Hudson County Sheriff sale website a total of 60 properties are listed as sold or canceled for July 21, 2016. As with any Sheriff Sale, defendants and plaintiffs often come together to find solutions as to not have to auction off people’s homes. Loan modification, short sales, cash for keys, and even bankruptcy are all ways that sheriff sales can be canceled. Contact us if you know anyone that is in need of help or call (973) 200-1111.

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