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What is the Probate Process in New Jersey?

New Jersey Probate ensures the deceased’s assets are properly distributed to the deceased’s heirs.

Probate is the process by which the government ensures the deceased’s assets are properly distributed to their heirs. It is also a process by which the government ensures that any taxes or liens owed to the state are fully paid.

The process can be quick and painless, as in the case where you are the only living relative of the decedent and it is non-contentious. In this case, the process can be relatively short and assets can be released sooner. However, when the estates are larger, poorly organized, complex, the will is missing, or other people contest the validity of the will, the probate process can be lengthy, painful and can take years. In a situation like this naming the beneficiary as the executor makes sense.

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Having someone who you can trust to go over and counsel you in all elder law and estate planning matters is critical to minimizing conflict and undue delays in the probate process. Lazaro Cardenas offers legal and personal guidance through the NJ probate process.  For an initial free phone consultation call Lazaro Cardenas a New Jersey Probate Attorney from the Law Firm of Patel, Soltis & Cardenas at (844) 533-3367.

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