What to do after a Tax Sale Foreclosure in New Jersey?

Aug 5, 2019 | New Jersey Foreclosure Defense

Do you want to know, “What to do after a Tax Sale Foreclosure in New Jersey?”

Talk to a New Jersey Foreclosure Defense attorney after a Tax Sale Foreclosure in New Jersey.

Even if a final judgment has come down against you in a New Jersey Tax Lien foreclosure, it may not be too late to fight for justice. It may be possible to fight to get your home back or the value your New Jersey Home represents.  Even if it has been over a year since the tax lien foreclosure, it may still be able to fight to enforce your rights with respect to your property. It does not matter how much was owed on your taxes, you still have rights.

If you are currently facing a New Jersey tax sale certificate foreclosure, you have more options than if you had already had your home foreclosed. We respect that you may be going through a rough time.  We understand that you may want privacy, and are tired of people knocking on your door. The people knocking on your door are most likely there to take advantage of your situation. As soon as a lis pendens is filed to begin the foreclosure process, your privacy starts to be invaded by people looking to profit from your situation.  Companies like NJ will start selling your court information to people that want to profit from your problems.

DO NOT SIGN OVER YOUR HOME. Talk to an attorney to go over all of your options.  We work with people to develop a plan going forward before and after Tax Foreclosures happen. We are not limited in only providing one solution for people.  We provide multiple services that range from paying off the tax lien, recovering the property after a tax lien foreclosure, bankruptcy, home sale, negotiated settlements. We have attorneys versed in Probate Matters so that if an estate is facing foreclosure we can help save the property while working on other issues.

 An NJ Tax Sale Certificate foreclosure is different than an NJ bank loan Foreclosure.

A Tax Sale Certificate foreclosure is different than a bank loan Foreclosure.  There will normally not be a New Jersey sheriff auction after the foreclosure unless the Federal government also holds a lien on the property. Instead, the Judge on the Tax Lien Foreclosure will sign over your house to the person who owns bought the Tax Lien Sale Certificate. There are attorneys writing books on how people can invest in Tax Liens. Other attorneys are out giving presentations to investors on how to profit from Tax Sale Certificate Foreclosures. Other attorneys are giving advice on how to foreclosure and practice tips for New Jersey Tax Foreclosures.

We are fighting for homeowners on how to save their homes from New Jersey Tax lien foreclosures, and how to void Tax Lien Judgements.  There are more reasons to void a New Jersey Tax Lien Sale other than defective service. We are more than happy to go over with you all of the defenses that you have, but we rather not tell everyone foreclosing what your defenses are.

In 2019, New Jersey still leads the United States in Foreclosures. The sooner you talk with a New Jersey Foreclosure Defense attorney, the sooner you can get off this list.

Lazaro Cardenas, Esq. is a partner at Patel, Soltis & Cardenas with offices in Jersey City, Freehold, and Hackensack. He focuses on Trust and Estate law with an understanding of how it relates to Foreclosures and Tax Lien Foreclosures. For more information or to set up a consultation please visit, email us at or call us at 973-200-1111. As with any legal matter, each person’s set of circumstances varies and this article is not intended to provide legal advice for your specific situation, but to provide an overview of trusts.

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